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Swistun, Inc. is a BBB Accredited Roofing/Siding Contractor in Wheeling, IL

IG2™ Slide Installation Instructions

Tip for one person installers: Consider cutting rolled IG2™ Micro Mesh into shorter more manageable pieces.

Quick Installation Guide:
  • IG2™ has to be pitched, so most likely your gutters need to be lowered;
  • Make sure gutter corners are well sealed;
  • Use IG2™ High-Flow-Area-Mesh at high flow areas;
  • Strictly follow instruction especially while working on inside gutter corners;
  • Test every high flow area (when done) with garden hose and make sure your test passes.

How To Install IG2™ Slide
How To Install Water-Speed Controllers—Supplemental solutions for maximizing drainage at specific high-flow areas.

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