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Micro Mesh Gutter Guard IG2™ Technical Specifications

IG2's design is protected by U.S. Patents 7,056,433; 7,198,714 and other patents are pending.

IG2™ gutter guard system consists of:
  • The standard IG2™ micro mesh (installed over most gutter areas with exception of high-flow areas). It consists of two laminated mesh layers:
    • On top: an active, stainless steel micro mesh. Its tiny 100-micron openings let water through, but barricade virtually everything else–including pine needles.
    • Underneath: A flexible support screen, made of rugged UV-stabilized, high-density polyethylene that's so strong it's used in highest quality hail protection nets.
    • In-between: Two monofilaments creating two small ridges on IG2™ micro mesh surface, designed to divert water flow into the mesh.
    • Such laminated IG2™ micro mesh comes in 100’ rolls, so it can be installed as nearly seamless gutter guard system.
  • Right under roof high-flow areas, the IG2™ High-Flow-Area Mesh, with its suitably larger openings is designated to be installed. It handles those challenging areas exceptionally well.
  • Both of above listed meshes are attached to outside gutter rim with uniquely designed U-Channels, made of the same UV-stabilized polycarbonate used in greenhouses and safety glass.
  • Described above two micro mesh small ridges along with U-Channel raised edge create an exclusive system that breaks water surface tension—that's why it can drain such high volumes of water.
  • All seams are stitched with stainless steel wire to keep debris from slipping through.
  • Additionally F-Channels are available. They are very useful for areas where IG2™ micro mesh needs to be attached to fascia or flashing at the roof edge. F-Channels are made of the same material as the U-Channels.
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Typically IG2™ micro mesh slides under roofing shingles (as long as roof style allows doing so). This most common IG2™ micro mesh we call IG2™ Slide (it "slides" under roofing shingles). In case F-Channels are needed to attach IG2™ micro mesh to the roof edge the IG2™ Attach micro mesh is available to significantly save necessary trimming time during installation. Refer to IG2™ Attach installation instruction for details.

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